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Why shop at the Sexology Institute?

Because we carry the best intimacy devices in the world. The Sexology Institute has only the most elite products in its collections, and has designed a clean, safe environment to make online shopping enjoyable.

We offer only genuine products.

The big online retailers carry sex toys that may or may not be the real thing. They display the manufacturers’ genuine images, and the devices come in near-perfect boxes. An internet search of “counterfeit sex toys” reveals how prevalent the problem is and how risky it is to purchase from the big retailers.

Quality manufacturers require that their products not be sold below a minimum price; however, because forgeries have become so prevalent, the big retailers are able to violate this requirement and offer knock-off products. The purchaser may not discover the difference until the device breaks and the manufacturer confirms it’s a counterfeit, or when she develops a health problem from its use.

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